Thursday, February 14, 2019

American family suffer home invasion in Germany, 1 intruder killed, victim being investigated by German authorities for excessive force!?!?!?!

via Stars and Stripes.
As the wife turned to run back up the stairs, one of the invaders slipped past and chased her. While the father fought, he heard his wife’s screams.

“She is screaming bloody murder, she’s screaming ‘my baby, my baby,’” he said.

“The whole time I am swinging,” he said. “I am pounding on anybody and everything that comes near me. I just fought like hell. I don’t know how I got the three guys back out the door.”

Luckily, German doors typically lock automatically when closed, but the door was glass and the father said he was worried they could break back in.

He then dashed to the kitchen, grabbed a knife off the drain board and charged upstairs screaming, “Where is he?”

The invader had pinned the wife down and was smothering her with one hand on her neck, the American said.

“No talk,” the invader kept saying in rudimentary English. Their infant, now awake, was crying. During the melee, their 5-year-old boy looked for a place to hide.

“He had seen one guy get past me,” the American said. He took his sister and hid under the bed. “I am amazed he had that in him. We’ve never practiced what to do in a situation like this. He thought his mom was getting killed by bad guys.”

Now armed with a knife, the father charged upstairs.

“I can see him coming at me as soon as I get to the top of the stairs,” he said. “We collided in the doorway, scuffled right there in the door and into the hall at the top of the stairs. I think I got three stabs on him.”

The invader then ran down the stairs. Concerned that he would let in the three other culprits, the American said he attacked as he chased after the man. The culprit managed to make it out the door, which shut before anyone could come back in.
Story here.

This story reeks!  This is weird as hell and we're obviously missing a VERY important piece of this puzzle.

Having said that, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN GERMANY!!!  When I was there so very long ago nothing like this would EVER EVER EVER HAPPEN!

Geez.  This sounds like a horror movie, not the Germany I once knew and loved.  Quite honestly I thought it was damn near paradise but after reading this it's obvious things have DRASTICALLY changed.

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