Friday, February 15, 2019

Eating out of garbage trucks is the new reality in Venezuela...

Warning! Conspiracy Theory Ahead!

Do you remember the build up to Gulf War 1 and the Iraqi Invasion?  Do you remember the build up to the operation in Afghanistan?

It all started with a massive effort to explain to the public why it was necessary for us to get it done.

Now let me show my age.

Do you remember the buildup to landing troops in Somalia?  This one is unique because the whole basis of the thing wasn't to defend us from possible threats or to defend allies.  That op was based on the optics of starving Somalians. 

It was humanitarian.

I don't know if the above pic is real or not.  I hope it isn't.  But whether it is or not isn't the point.  The point is I'm getting whiffs of the same buildup in Venezuela that I remember from Somalia.  Heart wrenching scenes of people doing things that we would deem beyond belief in order to eat.  Cries of outrage from experts that the US must lead.  Explanations to the public that if we don't do X then we face the ramifications of our inaction and will deal with a worse Y.

I really do hope that this is all nonsense and I need some sleep but think about it before you punt the idea into orbit.

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