Thursday, February 28, 2019

Is this the proof of the Mig-21 shoot down of the F-16....

Thanks to Gessler for this find!!!

Good God!  This is why I love this community!  Our core guys can flesh any issue out given enough time (assuming any of it makes it into the open).  Freaking awesome!

What say the doubters now?  Or do you need more proof and remain unconvinced? I'm leaning toward the side that the Indian Migs did indeed bag an F-16.  If it happened like Ron is saying from his sources then why should any of us be surprised.

The commanders on both side of this thing are operating in a vacuum.  They need to keep the losses low enough to prevent an escalation but make a big enough splash to satisfy their countrymen.  I don't even the tight rope they're walking.

It might be false hope but I believe we'll see a DE-ESCALATION soon...unless shit turns pear shaped because someone drives his fangs into the floorboard and decides to take some scalps.

At this time in this dust up the most dangerous thing in the world is a CAPT with visions of making Major while bagging a kill for his resume and a medal.

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