Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It has begun. The Pentagon and the UK Ministry of Defense have started selling the fact that the QE will host USMC jets...

via Washington Examiner.
But that U.S. comparison speaks to a broader point here, because Williamson also recognizes that Britain's power is best served by greater synergy with the U.S. military.

As a result, HMS Queen Elizabeth's inaugural operational deployment will involve a transit proximate to the contested waters of the South China Sea. And, in an unusual move, the carrier air wing will host a U.S. Marine Corps fighter squadron. This, Williamson says, is about "Enhancing the reach and lethality of our forces and reinforcing the fact that the United States remains our very closest of partners. We share the same vision of the world. A world shaped by individual liberty, the rule of law, and, of course the tolerance of others."

But Britain's new naval strategy isn't just built around aircraft carriers. It's equally focused on the aircraft carrier's escort vessels. After all, those escorts will include Britain's Daring-class destroyers and its Astute-class attack submarines. That matters because the Daring-class are the world's most advanced fleet air-defense destroyers. Armed with the extremely advanced Sea Viper track-kill system, these vessels could defend against Chinese or Russian long-range missile saturation strikes against an allied fleet.

In that regard, the British wouldn't simply complement U.S. forces here but fill in a gap for them. When it comes to China, the U.S. Navy remains far too arrogant about its carrier strike group vulnerability.

What of the Astute-class submarines? Well, they run very quietly and possess highly advanced sonar capabilities. Along with U.S. Virginia-class attack submarines, they could sneak into an enemy's backyard and create havoc.

But there's more: Britain also plans to develop littoral strike ships embarked with Royal Marine commandos. These would complement the U.S. Marine Corps expeditionary units. It's worth noting here that Britain is also considering establishing a new naval base in the Pacific region.

Put simply, this is a plan that is both realistic, thanks to recent British defense spending increases, and potent in strategic terms. Unapologetic about strengthening the U.S. alliance, it shows the special relationship is set to flourish for years to come. At least, that is, unless Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister.
Story here. 

The US Navy is arrogant?  Don't know who this Tom Rogan (the writer of this piece is) but he should sit down and take his meds.

The arrogance here is breathtaking but it ain't coming from the US Navy.

The Brits are cool.  But their military is being ripped to shreds and I don't see much hope for the future.  Additionally the reason why the Brits are putting Marine jets on their carrier is because they don't want the optics of the thing sailing around for another year with no planes on it.  Worse they don't want the thing to act as a helicopter carrier which is what they'd do if they didn't get the Marines on it.

Still don't know what's in it for the Corps though.

F-35's need to be fully integrated aboard US Navy LHD/LHAs.  To divert a squadron for this dog and pony is really doing them a favor.

I guess putting Harriers on board would be a slap in the face though.

Regardless, it seems one thing is certain.  The Brits are in a hurt locker despite the chest thumping seen in this article.

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