Thursday, February 28, 2019

Just when we thought it was all dying down between India and Pakistan...

They're not masking their movements.  I assume some sort of deception would be at play but this info (assuming it's correct) is out in the wild.  Does that mean that this is a show move?  Is this part of the game?  Escalate to de-escalate?  Waiting for the countermove from Pakistan.  At this point they have to at least match the Indians.

The risk still exists.  Combat patrols.  One pilot from either side hammers his fangs into the floor and decides to win one for his God and country.  Things spiral.  Tit for tat gets greater until a war both sides wanted to avoid is caused because some mid grade officer decided to interpret his orders in the most aggressive fashion possible.

Yeah.  This still bears watching.  Can't relax on this yet.

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