Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New Chinese infantry fighting vehicle at IDEX-2019

Note!  This thing is crazy.  Either the Chinese are trolling the hell outta us or they've gone mad.  Maybe my estimates are off...way off, but take a look at the pics and tell me if you're seeing what I am....

Continued!  Let's start at the front of this vehicle.  Either this thing is the most heavily armored tracked IFV planned, has an engine that can power an oil tanker or they have a HUGE amount of dead space up front.  How do I arrive at that?  Check out what I assume to be the drivers position just in front of the turret!  It's almost at the halfway point of the vehicle!  If this thing is to scale then it's monstrous.

Next take a look at the turret.  Then check out the caption that came with the pics (below)...
Until in the form of layout. Armament - 100 mm + 30 mm + 7.62 type turret of the BMP-3 and remote 2 installation type German Marder at the stern. The fighting compartment is similar to the same on BD-04A.
Again, I'm assuming that Chinese model makers build to scale.  That's a BMP turret riding on this thing.  By my crude estimates that makes this vehicle appear to be bigger than even their MBTs.  Probably bigger than even the Namer.

But wait it gets better! Check out the middle pic.  The caption says Marder style machine guns in the back.  Ok.  But again look at the scale!  50 cals?

If we're not getting trolled then the Chinese are about to build what the US Army wanted to...the 80 ton GCV.

Would they dare?

Is it possible I'm right?

What do you guys think?

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