Thursday, February 07, 2019

Night Stalkers are back at it in downtown LA...The Rangers really want that big city fight!

Jesus.  SOCOM just can't let fighting in big cities go!  I don't for the life of me know why, doesn't anyone read history?  Doesn't anyone do cost/benefit analysis anymore?

Don't get me wrong.  The 160th from what I've read are among the best, if not best rotary wing fliers in the US military...the Rangers are some VERY good light infantry.

But a fight in the city?

Against even insurgents/terrorists my guess is that you're gonna lose at least one bird...against a peer threat you might lose that entire stick.

Looks good on TV.  It must excite their fanbase.  It just give me the chills and wonder how many meds the casualty officer will be taking for mental illness after he tells all the family members that their sons were killed because planners were stupid.

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