Monday, February 25, 2019

Pentagon Develops F-35s to Attack & Destroy Nuclear-Armed Enemy ICBMs...Are they just throwing stuff against the wall now???

via Warrior Maven.
The Pentagon is working with industry to explore the possibility that bomb, missile or laser-armed F-35s could destroy an attacking nuclear-armed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) targeting the US, potentially bringing a new dimension to existing defenses.

The idea would be to use F-35 weapons and sensors to detect or destroy an ICBM launch during its initial “boost” phase of upward flight toward the boundary of the earth’s atmosphere.

“We are excited about the concept,” a Senior Pentagon official told Warrior Maven.

The F-35, officials explain, could use a “kinetic” solution wherein it fires upon and destroys a launching ICBM -- or a “sensor” solution where it “cues missile defense systems,” locating or stopping attacks earlier than might otherwise be possible.

”We are now looking at how we could close the kill chain on that process,” officials familiar with the ongoing exploration told Warrior Maven.
Read the whole story here to get a flavor for the thing! 

Just plain wow.  Is the Pentagon just throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks?

I've been a bit concerned about the Pentagon's obsession with everything being a penetrator.  The F-35 is a penetrating fighter.  The F-22 is a penetrating fighter.  The B-1 and B-21 are penetrating bombers.  The US Army and Marine Corps are trying to orient our ground forces so that they penetrate deep into enemy lines.

Is everyone so focused on penetration operations that they're ignoring the other realms of warfare?  When was the last time you saw an exercise where someone was trying to repel an enemy attack?  We're in a whole host of countries supposedly to defend them but the focus is always about being on the attack.

We're talking about next generation weapon systems and its always about attack!  I think we're either already or inching real close to being outrageously unbalanced not only in our procurement policies but also in the way our leadership is thinking.

But what actually has me wondering what the hell is going on is this very idea.  Someone somewhere is thinking about the possibility of our operating in a nuclear equipped country (I assume that we've been so successful that the "regime" is teetering) and our solution is to send F-35's to knock down nuclear missiles in the boost phase?

Which nuclear power is this designed to be used against?  N. Korea?  Pakistan? Iran?  Russia?  China?

Maybe I'm being overly critical and this is a fantastic idea.  I just don't see how its nothing more than another crude marketing campaign for the F-35 while chasing a flawed "penetration" philosophy.

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