Thursday, February 28, 2019

The B-52 is getting an AESA. Why not the same for our AH-1Z, UH-1Y, MV-22 and CH-53K?

via The Drive.
The addition of a modern AESA radar to the B-52's sensor suite would be a game changer. A radar like SABR offers a dramatic boost in range, fidelity, and flexibility and it would enhance the B-52's targeting, surveillance, and situational awareness capabilities. The ability to make detailed synthetic aperture radar (SAR) maps of the surface of the earth and to provide advanced ground moving target indicator (GMTI) capabilities alone would result in synergistic effects not only for the B-52 itself, but also for other platforms and weapons that can exploit that data in near real-time via data-link

With a radar like SABR, the B-52 could far better identify and engage ground targets in all weather and at standoff ranges. It would also allow the B-52 to be a better anti-ship weapon than it already is, being able to spot vessels and classify them from long distances so that it can employ advanced anti-ship missiles against them. You can read more about this type of scenario here. 
Story here. 

This is probably a batshit stupid idea but I'm wondering.  Why don't we give our helos, the AH-1Z, UH-1Y, MV-22 and CH-53K, AESA radars?  They're supposably scalable, we're talking about operating at great distance with them and they provide the ability to "see the ground" when operating in terrible conditions.

So if they can be built to scale for our helos then why aren't we doing it!  Aviation guys before you slam me explain it!  This seems long overdue and an evolution that is too long in the making.

Consider this a small diversion from our focus on the India/Pakistan fighting.

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