Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Today US Marines landed on Iwo Jima and suffered 6,800 casualties before seizing the island....

Everyone talks peer vs peer warfare.

But has anyone thought about the butchers bill?  In WW2 US Marines could sustain 6,800 casualties over the course of just over a month and remain a coherent fighting force.

The public was NOT happy about the casualties but still supported the war.

If the same happened today would the American people still support the fight?  Could the US Army, US Marines, US Navy (I don't include the US Air Force because by the very nature of modern warfare unless a base was hit they wouldn't incur such losses) still function?

That's the loss of two Army Infantry Brigades.  Two Marine Expeditionary Units.  One Carrier plus a couple of escorts.

My point?

We need to think long and hard.  The American people must be educated about the cost of a future fight now.  Additionally politicians need to be made aware of the issues with fighting a peer opponent.

Can we win against a foe like China?


But it will take more than tech, skilled warriors and courage on the battlefield.

It'll take conviction, a sense of purpose, a willingness to do the hard thing and see it through.

That's what I wonder about.  That's why I think any fight against a peer opponent MUST be framed as a fight for national survival.

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