Friday, February 08, 2019

You want that big city fight? Remember Hue City...

It mystifies me but there are some that still argue the big city fight is a MUST in the future.

I think those that believe that should be tested for illegal drugs or mental illness.

Check out the pic above.  Hue City was a meat grinder and it was comparatively tiny.  An instructive example of what REALLY awaits forces that decide to go into a large city is found in the fight for Stalingrad.  Check this out from Wikipedia...
After 27 September, much of the fighting in the city shifted north to the industrial district. Having slowly advanced over 10 days against strong Soviet resistance, the 51st Army Corps was finally in front of the three giant factories of Stalingrad: the Red October Steel Factory, the Barrikady Arms Factory and Stalingrad Tractor Factory. It took a few more days for them to prepare for the most savage offensive of all, which was unleashed on 14 October with a concentration of gunfire never seen before.[67] Exceptionally intense shelling and bombing paved the way for the first German assault groups. The main attack (led by the 14th Panzer and 305th Infantry Divisions) attacked towards the tractor factory, while another assault led by the 24th Panzer Division hit to the south of the giant plant.[68]

The German onslaught crushed the 37th Guards Rifle Division and in the afternoon the forward assault group reached the tractor factory before arriving at the Volga River, splitting the 62nd Army into two.[69]

Fighting raged inside the Barrikady Factory until the end of October.[70] The Soviet-controlled area shrunk down to a few strips of land along the western bank of the Volga, and in November the fighting concentrated around what Soviet newspapers referred to as "Lyudnikov's Island", a small patch of ground behind the Barrikady Factory where the remnants of Colonel Ivan Lyudnikov's 138th Division resisted all ferocious assaults thrown by the Germans and became a symbol of the stout Soviet defense of Stalingrad.[71]
An Army Corps on the attack.

A tank and infantry division on the attack.  Another tank division conducts a flanking maneuver.

A rifle division crushed and an ARMY split in two!

Finally a division pushed to the banks of a river holding on for dear life.

And you're gonna send some battalions or brigades into a city and don't think they're gonna get gobbled up and spit out like chewed up bubble gum?

I contend that you'll have units that totally disappear never to be seen again. Even worse is that we've seen modern day examples on a small scale that should give people pause.  Marawi anyone? Read the Wikipedia entry here but make no mistake.  This was a 5 month battle over a SMALL city.  You had practically every power in the region to include the US, Russia, China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia....even Israel supplied assistance arrayed against a terrorist group that is estimated to number around 1000 fighters!

Yet you still think a big city fight is not only doable but a MUST do?

I laid it out quick and dirty.  If you can't wrap your head around it then I can't help ya.

Sidenote.  I talked to a Marine that fought in Fallujah.  From what I've been told the American people will NEVER be told how wild and wooly that fight was.  I asked about pics of the fighting and it was as I expected.  The Marines on the trigger were much too busy staying alive to snap polaroids.  Combat Camera is rumored to have had many of their pics embargoed, classified and probably filed away for release after we're all long dead. A small reminder of what your Marines went thru to liberate that piece of shit city in that fucked beyond recognition country.


But if you believe a city fight is worth it (especially if it isn't an American city or one of our CLOSE allies) then we part ways. 

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