Saturday, March 23, 2019

About the Mueller report...

By now you've heard the Robert Mueller has completed his report and sent it to the Attorney General for review.  I've been chewing on this a bit and I'm thinking this...

*  We probably will never see the full report.  The reason isn't to protect the President, its to protect the FBI.  My instinct is that their was obvious wrongdoing in that agency and the Attorney General has been advised of it by the Inspector General's report.  More than a few had obvious bias and tainted the results.  A certain counter intel agent comes to mind as well as a former director AND a justice dept lawyer.

*  I believe that Stone was the last gasp attempt to dig up dirt on possible collusion with Russia.  When he proved to be intractable I think that ended this investigation.  I also believe that they raided his house in the way they did because they were hoping to grab documents that would give them new leads.  Stone is an old Washington operator and would have destroyed any and all records as well as having his computer scrubbed clean when the first indictment was announced.  Do I believe him to be spotless in this?  Hell no, but I also believe him to be at least a little smart.  He's old school Nixon Republican.  He would rather be buried than take the house down.

*  Manafort will get his pardon and the NY Attorney General will be warned off trying to prosecute him on the state level.  The same applies to Trump.

All in all this was an extremely messy affair.

The powers that be will want this whole thing swept under the rug.  The mission was accomplished.  They weakened Trump (with a big dose of help from the guy with all his insane tweeting) and believe they've set themselves up for the 2020 cycle.

That's my thinking.

What's your thoughts?

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