Thursday, March 28, 2019

Blast from the past. Trojan Horse 1969 Style (USMC Archives on Flickr is a must see resource!)

“Photograph number 3M-1-0482-69: 1969: Trojan Horse 1969 Style: Leathernecks of the 3d Marine Division adopted the ancient Grecian tactic of the Trojan Horse when they camouflaged their Ontos to resemble small bulldozers to fool the enemy. The tracked vehicles, armed with six 106mm recoilless rifles, where then heli-lifted from Vandegrift Combat Base to support the 3d Marines, conducting Operation Maine Crag southwest of Khe Sanh (official USMC photo by Sergeant Ray Bribiesca).”

Just a heads up to all the military historians and buffs in the audience.  If you're not tuned into USMC Archives on Flickr then you're missing out.

Go here or be lost forever...oh and a small heads up.  They have a HUGE library so you might have to dig into it to find your particular "thing" in USMC history but its worth the effort.

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