Wednesday, March 06, 2019

EUCOM Commander wants a full armored division, combat aviation brigade, two more destroyers and more...TO DEFEND EUROPE?!?!

Read the entire article but this part had me sitting back in my chair in utter amazement..
Scaparrotti’s needs in 2018 included an armored division with a full combat aviation brigade, long-range artillery, engineers and sustainment brigades, as well as guided missile destroyers, a carrier strike group, and attack submarines.

On land, Scaparrotti said Tuesday he needed “greater capability … with my enablers,” and in the air, he was looking forward to the use of fifth-generation aircraft, as well as bombers, both to deter Russia and to be ready. “I’m looking forward to those being stationed permanently, in some numbers, in Europe as well,” he said.

Scaparrotti acknowledged strides over the last three years. There were three carrier-strike deployments — once to the High North for the first time in 20 years — and the U.S. has overcome logistical hurdles to move its forces around the continent.

“Three years ago, we were moving one brigade at a time, and challenged. A month ago, I moved four brigades — two armored, two [combat aviation brigades] — simultaneously. That’s progress,” he said.
Story here. 

This makes no sense.  He's posturing forces in Europe like the flag is about to go up. 

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