Saturday, March 30, 2019

F-35 Bad News Keeps Coming. Steve Trimble @The Dewline asked for proof of the F-15EX being cheaper to operate and got it!

Just plain wow.

Dude did the leg work and they provided evidence.

The funny thing?  Budget cuts are coming...across the board too.  Did you check out the kerfuffle about reduced funding for Special Olympics?  Trump backed down on that one but you can expect that two things will hold the line on defense spending.

1.  Trump wants his wall.

2.  The Acting Defense Sec wants to keep that job.

The House is gonna want to cut defense for increased domestic spending.  Graham and others in the Senate will want to keep defense spending high. They won't be able to come to an agreement.  That means a return to sequestration.

That's bad news across the board for the DoD.

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