Thursday, March 07, 2019

FMTV...from logistics to troop carrier to protected transport to self propelled artillery? The IDF expands its roles!

***Need a Hebrew speaker to translate this vid***

Just from the looks of things (cause I didn't understand a word), it seems like the IDF is looking to expand the FMTV into a broad family of vehicles.  Also interesting is that they're basing this mod on the A1 variant instead of waiting for the US Army's A2 variant with the traditional truck profile (instead of cab over wheels which exploded mines under the cab instead of forward of it).

I won't get ahead of things though.  From my chair (and with the little info I've received), this thing looks like its for use in riot control, border security operations etc...Full scale combat will see the Namer, Eitan and other dedicated IFV/APCs continue to shoulder that load.

Credit must be given though.  They're using the FMTV in a new and unique way.

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