Sunday, March 03, 2019

Iveco shopping the VBTP 6x6 in Africa & the Middle East...

via EDR Magazine.
Although usually limited in its participation to exhibitions, Iveco Defence Vehicles is present at the first edition of EDEX. The company has a long history of cooperation with Egypt, and decided to participate to pay respect to the country and to open the door to the Maghreb countries, which delegations are visiting the exhibition, which marked a good start, considering the number and quality of exhibitors.

The Iveco DV view on the Middle East market is that the major countries are trying to becoming as independent as possible in terms of military acquisition, however in the vehicle segment they still have to rely on foreign providers for engines, chassis and components. Iveco DV is thus ready to provide chassis as well as engines, the company being also capable to provide design support. Iveco DV considers a huge advantage being part of CNH Industrial, which possess all vehicles technologies.
Story here. 

I don't quite get IVECO Defense.  They have a very nice portfolio but they seem to be lacking when it comes to defense media, social media and their sales efforts.

It's really a shame.

I would think that their version of the Super AV would be selling like hotcakes after the USMC selected it and their other vehicles are surely competitive too.

Hopefully they step it up soon.

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