Friday, March 01, 2019

Lynx Protected Amphibious Vehicle

Thanks to Dragon for the pic!

The Lynx IFV made into an amphibious vehicle?  I need to see the mockup!  My question.  how do you make the vehicle in the image below ....  SWIM!!!

Side note.  Has it dawned on anyone that IFVs are now the size of historic medium tanks?  Our new ACV (and other new wheeled IFVs like the NAMER) are approaching the size of the M48 Patton MBT!!!  Many of them weigh the just under or the same as the T-55 Soviet Era MBT!!!

The revolution in armor is here (at least when it comes to IFVs)!  What will be fascinating to see is what happens to the tank.  With IFVs soon to standardize around bigger caliber guns (the Russians with the 57mm, the US Army probably with the 50mm, and Europeans going with a mix of 30/40mm guns) can we still call them IFVs?  Do we now have tank/IFV hybrids?  Will precision missiles replace the big caliber gun?  Will the MBT survive in a different form?  Perhaps in the shape of the Armata or the old M1 Experimental Test Bed?

Time will tell...

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