Wednesday, March 20, 2019

May 1st harrier raid on Stanley airport

Does anyone know where I can find the whole thing!

This is crazy.  Those guys were only 90 miles off the coast and launching air strikes?  That's knife fighting distance.  I'm surprised the Brits didn't suffer heavier losses.  They were practically right on the coast.

Why didn't the Argentinians push combat engineers forward, lengthen that air strip and push their fast air out to the island?  If they had done that they would have changed the entire complexion of the war.

Same goes with their anti-air and anti-ship batteries.  They could have threatened the Brit fleet from at least 200 (my guess) miles off shore of the Falklands.

They were bold and then complacent.  Damn it.  The number of books I'm needing to read is getting longer than I figure I have time left on this earth.

Fuck it.  Who knows a good book on this subject?

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