Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mueller Report. If you take a shot at the crown you best not miss...The Dems did and now they're gonna pay...

It's finally over.

We know the conclusion to the report.

The Dems wanted a knock out blow and didn't get it.  So did the news media. So did the liberal elite and their followers.

They failed.


Trump is gonna fly high.

They took a shot at the crown and missed.  So now the crown will be seeking scalps.

Side note.  Remember a bit ago when Pelosi said that Trump wasn't worth impeachment?  That was her clumsy way of both preparing her followers and prepping those that paid attention that the Mueller report would be a nothing burger.  Despite all the activity from the Dems wanting full documents I'm guessing they knew a couple of weeks ago that nothing would come of this.

UPDATE.  The News Media is looking like a bunch of raging lunatics now!  They have been found wanting.  The only thing left is to see how many Americans realize that they were played and how many will finally open their eyes and see that the mainstream media is part of the system designed to keep them UNINFORMED!!!!

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