Friday, March 08, 2019

Norway to choose between upgrading Leopard 2A4NO or buying a new tank

via Army Recognition
The modernization project of the Leopard 2A4NO of the Norwegian Army seems abandoned. Norway would prefer the purchase of a new battle tank by 2025, reveals an annual report detailing the defense acquisitions of the country for the next eight years.

Formally abandoned last June, the 5050 Leopard 2 Upgrades Project concerning the some 30 units still operational among the 52 in the park, has not been followed by any decision on the future of this component, Nathan Gain reports on Forces Operations. The only certainty is that a reduced armored capacity would be maintained until 2025, by which time Oslo should choose between acquiring a new tank or an interim solution. In the meantime, the Norwegian Defense would release from 7 to 20 M € by 2024 to preserve its tank fleet.

Nine months later, the first option seems to dominate: the Norwegian army will maintain three mechanized battalions, all equipped with a modern battle tank. A conceptual study is underway to assess, among other things, the number of vehicles required and their capabilities, says the Norwegian Defense.
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