Monday, March 25, 2019

Outraged about Trump not being charged with collusion or obstructing justice? Then remember this moment!

I watched this entire press conference.  I was riveted.  Comey laid out fact by fact why Clinton should be prosecuted.

Then he punched the nation in the balls and said that even with all the evidence he painstakingly laid out he would not recommend prosecution.

It was at this moment that everything crystalized.

No longer was the FBI non partisan.

No longer was justice applied evenly.

No longer was justice blind.

The rich, powerful and connected got hooked up.  I was deceived because you'd occasionally see a movie star, or singer, or athlete convicted for this or that.

But they're little fish.  They're not the big dawgs.

In hindsight we ALL knew the fix (or justice depending on your perspective) was in when Pelosi stated that Trump was not worth impeachment.  That was the moment (in hindsight) when I should have realized this was just a passion play.

I've been chewing on the motivation behind this grand scheme.  What I've come up with is that the political powers that be are infatuated with the "Game Of Thrones".  They see themselves as "masters of the universe" and that we're all pawns.

The bleating of sheep to the cries of the news media that all sang from the same playbook gave it away.

We've all been played gents.

The outcome to this whole thing was decided when it started.  Trump was never going to be convicted of a thing.

This whole thing was political in nature.  They made Republican districts Democrat, the confused us all with conflicting information that could easily be seen thru whatever lens you wanted and they stalled Trump's agenda to set things up for the 2020 election.

If you were shocked by Comey's announcement on Hillary then don't mock but feel sympathy for your fellow Americans.  

We're all being pitted against each other for the benefit of people that aren't worth a warm bucket of spit.

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