Friday, March 15, 2019

Rant. I don't understand some of you people. Outrage with terror attacks against the West, but a shrug when terror hits Muslims?

We need to have this one out.

I don't get some of you people.  I've expressed outrage when I see Muslims attack ordinary citizens (religion unknown....) when its happened in the West.

When this attack happened in NZ, I again express outrage at this white, I assume Christian male attacking Muslims.

That's where we part company.

Some of you FREAKS are actually just shrugging and saying that the backlash is to be expected.

Are you stupid?

Do you know that's how you guarantee a spiral of violence that will lead to even more horrendous acts of violence down the road.

As much as I criticise Europe allowing the flow of illegal immigrants into their countries there is one thing they're fanatical about.  They lock arms and hunt the terror suspects to ground when it happens.  The French for all the "surrender" memes they get were almost magical in their efforts to hunt down those responsible.

They cornered them and they did the work.

The same could be said for the National Police in NZ.  That's probably a pic I SHOULD POST.  NZ Police rammed this son of a bitch, dragged the sorry piece of shit from the car and apprehended him (probably should have just wasted his ass right there but they were professional...not emotional).

But instead what are we seeing?

People are reacting by saying that its to be expected.  One clown posted a meme of the Mayor of London saying that terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city.

No it fucking isn't.

That's batshit stupid.

Just as stupid as launching two wars because a couple dozen bastards from Saudi Arabia take advantage of a vulnerability and kill several thousand Americans.

It was a law enforcement issue.  Not a go to war in the Middle East for almost 20 years issue.

Get woke.  Stop being nonchalant about outrageous acts of violence by anyone, anywhere against society.

One last thing.

They're fighting a religious war.  People in the West are apparently viewing it as a racial conflict.

Make that mistake and YOU WILL have allies...natural allies in the fight against terrorism being FORCED to join hands with the enemy because some in the WEST ARE DETERMINED TO MAKE THEM ENEMIES based on the color of their skin AND the God that they worship.

That's batshit stupid too.

I know this whole rant is disjointed.  Deal with it.  This has me fucked up.  I'm pissed by alot of what I've read in the comments section of my blog today.

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