Sunday, March 10, 2019

RGW90 from Dynamit Nobel Defence via Army Recognition...

via AR
RGW90 system encompasses different effectors for anti-tank, anti-vehicle, antistructure and anti-personnel uses. The ammunition mix also includes smoke, illumination and practice effectors to give infantrymen a complete toolbox of weapons to choose from.

RGW90 HEAT/HESH is a dual mode mono shaped charge anti-tank effector, and a popular choice out of the product family. For many years, armies and services worldwide have been relying on its ability to defeat tanks, armored fighting vehicles and wall structures. With a solid steel target penetration and the ability to create openings in brick and concrete walls, it proved to be a versatile option on the battlefield.

Now, Dynamit Nobel Defence is presenting RGW90 HEAT/HESH A2, a significant performance and ergonomic upgrade to this effector: By overhauling the launch tube design and improving the manufacturing process of the warhead, DND is able to lower the overall system weight to 8,0kg (down from 8,7kg) while improving the steel target penetration capability to nearly 600mm of RHA (Rolled Homogenous Armor, up from 500mm RHA).

Other key features and characteristics of the system remain unchanged and at the highest standards: effective range between 20m and 500m, excellent accuracy and first hit probability, temperature range between -46°C and +71°C, low signature, fire-from-enclosures capability (room size of at least 15m³), easy adaptable night and thermal sights, and full NATO qualification of the product.
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How do you know we've been fighting in the desert for too long?  When you see few weapons that have these characteristics.  Especially being able to fire from enclosures.  Want to know when we're getting serious about urban combat?  When you see these kind of weapons being handed out like candy...pocket bunker busters are gonna be a must for that kind of fight...

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