Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Soldier ran over by CV-90. What a terrible way to die...

via Sputnik.
The deadly incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning outside the town of Överkalix in Norrbotten County, where international exercises involving 10,000 soldiers are being held.

A soldier was run down by a combat vehicle during the Northern Wind international military drill held in northern Sweden, the Swedish Armed Forces have confirmed.

The "serious accident" occurred in the eastern part of Norrbotten County. The soldier was confirmed dead after being run over by a Stridsfordon 90 combat vehicle.

"Only Swedish personnel were involved in the accident that occurred outside Överkalix. The Swedish Armed Forces' own personnel provided the first aid, where upon medics and the police were called", the Swedish Armed Forces informed.

A crisis support centre has been established.
Story here.

Sympathy to his family and friends.  My hope is that he didn't suffer.  Regardless this is a bit surprising.  The Swedes are usually pretty meticulous when it comes to exercises and I have no visibility on them, I always got the impression that they were as safety conscious as the best in the West.

It proves one thing.

Military training is inherently dangerous.  Operating in and around heavy vehicles, high performance aircraft etc...always carries risks that the average citizen can scarcely imagine.

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