Friday, March 08, 2019

Sorry guys....gotta talk politics...this lady is trashing the Dem opportunity to win in 2020...

via Free Beacon.
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) trashed former President Barack Obama in a new profile of the freshman lawmaker, saying the "hope and change" he offered was a mirage and he was one of many predecessors to President Donald Trump to have "really bad policies."

Omar was the subject of a Politico story on her and fellow Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips (D., Minn.), who represents a neighboring district. The two are framed as symbolizing the colliding forces in the new Democratic House majority, with Omar representing the far-left flank and Phillips the more center-left sensibilities that helped recapture suburban districts from Republicans in 2018.

Omar, a Somali-born refugee, was fed up with the Democratic establishment by the time she ran for office in 2016 for a seat in the Minnesota state house. She won and then easily captured a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018, and she wasn't shy about telling Politico her objections to Obama-era policies, like detention centers for illegal immigrant children and the "droning of countries around the world:"
Story here. 

Wow.  I've been watching this lady for awhile now.  I've watched the controversy she got caught up in and I avoided talking about it.  Her story WAS inspirational and to go from Somali immigrant to a member of Congress WAS kinda cool.

But man is she digging her own grave ... politically that is.

But the bigger takeaway is what this means for 2020.  Unless the Dems get this radical wing of their party under control they'll have no chance in 2020.

I'm not blind.

I'm seeing alot of behavior from the current administration that is making my pulse rise.  Some of the policies are good to go.  Some are a continuation of failure from past administrations.  Others are just looney.

That's par for the course in American politics.

These freshmen Dems though.  They're kinda out of control.  I don't see how the party can recover.

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