Friday, March 08, 2019

They're not Chinese "fishing boats" they're Chinese Naval Militia acting on behalf of their national strategy/policy goals!

This is infuriating.  I didn't post on it but I saw a vid of Chinese "fishing boats" off the coast of the Philippines.  Essentially it was a blockade and its purpose was to keep Philippine fishermen from plying their trade.

It's my understanding that the Philippine Navy did not respond to the provocation.

Meanwhile the US Navy is doing shows of force, sailing thru the South China Sea while this is happening.


Now we have this travesty.

China is a threat.  Not to a false world order but to peace and prosperity expected by all free nations.

This is heading toward a boil.  We either steel ourselves, act on our timetable or we wait for a body blow that could stun us into inaction.  Better to throttle the dragon while he's gathering his strength than to wait for the fire.

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