Monday, March 04, 2019

"They've gouged out hostages' eyes, cut off their ears, scalped, and then killed them..."

Massacre of civilian population in the Azerbaijani city of Khojaly has numerous documented evidences, including eyewitnesses' accounts, accounts of soldiers of the Russian army. website cites acoount of Yuri Girchenko, who served in the sapper battalion dispached to Aghdam in 1992. In his book "Army of the State That Doesn't Exist," Yuri Girchenko says: "... on the night of February 25-26, Armenian armed forces with the support of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and personnel of the Stepanakert 366th motorized rifle regiment took over the city of Khojaly."

According to Girchenko, not the entire regiment participated in occupation of Khojaly, only the second battalion.

"Preparation for this operation took place in secret. But still, commander of the second battalion was one of the leaders of this operation. Why did it happen? It's simple! Commander of the second battalion, and almost all officers of the battalion were Armenians."

On that night, as Girchenko recalls, they gathered all Armenian soldiers in the regiment, as well as several volunteers of other nationalities, and began joint assault on Khojaly together with Armenian troops.

"At 11 PM, two-hour massive shelling of the city from tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and modified Alazan systems has began. Then, from 1 AM till 4 AM, Armenian armed units launched an offensive operation on the city. Soldiers of the 366th regiment didn't enter the city. Resistance of the Khojaly garrison was quickly suppressed. By 5 AM, a large fire broke out in the city. Almost the entire city was burning..."

“Even before the shelling began, Armenians shouted through the speakers installed on armored personnel carriers that “free corridor" has been created for people who want to leave Khojaly and head towards Aghdam. Armenians warned that only unarmed people would be able to pass and leave the city."

Yuri Girchenko notes that "there was a second post of Armenian armed forces, of which Azerbaijanis didn't know. When people reached this post, Armenians began to shoot Khojaly refugees with machine guns. They killed both armed and unarmed Azerbaijanis. They killed both adults and children, young and old people... This path gradually turned into a bloody mess. There were so many corpses..."
Story here. 

I don't know where this story came from but it's blowing up my news feed. I don't know if its simply advertisement or part of an information campaign because something is about to kick off.

I do know its provocative as hell.

Additionally I've read about flareups between both sides but nothing recently. Does anyone have any scoop on things over there?  Is something about to flare up or is it all about selling a book?

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