Saturday, March 30, 2019

Trump Collusion Story. Forget the Media...How could American Intel Agencies fail so badly?

Via Daily Caller.
Far more than a failure of journalism, the Russia collusion narrative was, at its core, a monstrous failure of U.S. intelligence and counterintelligence.

All criticism of the news media aside for the moment, the bottom line is that professional journalists received fake intelligence information from U.S. government leakers whom they trusted.

The entire Russian collusion debacle shows that the American intelligence and counterintelligence processes have broken down.

Emphatic former CIA director John Brennan, a main engine behind spreading the Russia collusion story through the intelligence community and into the media, suddenly doesn’t sound so certain about himself. The day after Attorney General William Barr released the special prosecutor’s finding of no collusion, Brennan confessed to MSNBC, “I don’t know if I received bad information but I think I suspected that there was more than there actually was.”

This is a shocking admission from the man who was, at the time, the nation’s highest-ranking professional intelligence officer.

Brennan wasn’t indicting just himself. He inadvertently accused the entire CIA. Whatever quality control systems it has, the CIA failed to prevent “bad information” from making its way up the chain to the national strategic level.
Story here. 

Wow.  This is huge guys.  Think about this.

1.  Remember how the news media was encouraging people to "Resist" and the meme "we are the resistance" popping up?  Remember how they encouraged Trump's own cabinet officials to stand up to him and to defy his orders?  Even worse remember how it appeared that at least a few did?

2.  Think about the ramifications of this.  Everyone says a deep state doesn't exist but this Trump collusion story proves that a small cabal of individuals inside the US govt NOT ONLY LEAKED false information to the press but the press passed that information on without even a hint at verifying it.

3.  We've seen a series of intel failures since the end of Desert Storm.  In every corner of the world the US has been forced to react instead of being proactive.  I suspect it even is affecting our defense posture.  At one time we had a Rapid Deployment Force that could head out in case of danger/emergency.  Today?  Today we have forces scattered around the globe? The Pentagon says for deterrence but what if its because they can't properly read tea leaves anymore to react appropriately so they must rely on the Roman method of having forces scattered around the frontier.

But an even bigger and scarier issue remains.

What if Brennan actually did know the truth but chose to push this meme anyway?  What if several other intel officials knew too?

Did we just witness an attempted soft coup by our intel agencies?  Is Mueller a bigger hero than we know because he did not go along with the scheme?

Side Note.  Can you imagine how much the Russians have been laughing at us for the past couple of years?  Can you imagine how batshit STUPID they consider our intelligence agencies?  Can you imagine how they view the American people?  What about the Chinese and their intel agencies? The entire world knows now how easy it is to mislead many of our citizens AND our intel folks that we're now the laughing stock.  Not because of Trump but because of our so called "elite"!!!!!

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