Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Unfunded priorities are in for a rough ride this's about the money folks!

via Defense News.
In the past, lawmakers have been fairly receptive to funding big-ticket items on the services’ wish lists, especially aircraft like the F-35 and the Navy’s F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, which garner deeply-entrenched support from the congressional delegations where those platforms are produced.

However, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith, D-Wash., has indicated he could support a smaller $733 billion topline budget for the Defense Department instead of the current $750 billion figure — which would make it much more difficult to fund any wish list items.

Although the additional F-35s and KC-46s are the most attention-grabbing items on the list, the Air Force’s highest-ranked unfunded priority is $579 million meant for “readiness recovery.”

“If the Air Force does not receive supplemental and reprogramming support in FY19, we will have to take actions that drive unacceptable impacts to Air Force readiness,” the wish list states.

“This [unfunded priority list] item would recover the lost readiness by adding necessary weapon system sustainment funding to 10 weapon systems, and includes funding for B-1 repairs and fatigue testing to address critical structural issues, as well as unanticipated B-52 and KC-135 corrosion inspections and repairs associated with an aging aircraft fleet.”
Story here. 

This is the big ass dinosaur in the room.  The Dems are running the House, the days of the huge defense budget are over, the Republicans passed a tax cut that most middle/lower class people barely notice and we're facing looming budget deficits.

This is why I occasionally post about the economy and why we focus on the deficit.

It all affects the defense budget.

Before, we played with austerity.

In the near future we're gonna be up to our neck in it.

Question.  Did you know that the world economy is slowing down?  Did you know that Italy is in recession?  Did you know that many suspect that Germany, the biggest economy in Europe is also in recession?  Most economists agree that China has slowed way down and their anticipated growth for this year just ain't gonna happen.

Now swing back to the US.

You have a divided Congress.  You have the President talking about rolling back Obama Care completely, while the Dems are not only gonna fight that but also push some type of Climate Tax on the populace disguised as an effort to fight climate change.

Long story short?

Plus ups...unfunded priorities lists...ain't happening this year.  IF they do it'll be the last.

The House Armed Service Chairman, along with the statement from the SecDef and CJCS all but ensure that additional F-35's are probably dead on arrival.  That's before we add Trump to the mix that was originally seeking to cut the DoD budget by 5%.

The F-35 and Lockheed Martin failed to act with a sense of urgency.  Now they're gonna pay.

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