Monday, March 04, 2019

US investigating Pakistan's use of F-16's in the recent air battle..

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via Haaretz.
The United States said on Sunday it was trying to find out if Pakistan used U.S.-built F-16 jets to down an Indian warplane, potentially in violation of U.S. agreements, as the stand-off between the nuclear-armed Asian neighbors appeared to be easing.

Pakistan and India both carried out aerial bombing missions this week, including a clash on Wednesday that saw an Indian pilot shot down over the disputed region of Kashmir in an incident that alarmed global powers and sparked fears of a war.

A Pakistan military spokesman on Wednesday denied Indian claims that Pakistan used F-16 jets.
Story here. 

I don't even know if this is worth us digging into on these pages.  People are dug in with regard to whether or not Pakistan did or did not use them.

It's doubtful that we'll ever get a clear answer in the open.  Pakistan has the privilege of being courted by both the US and China.  It has a strategic position and with India being staunchly unaligned, the status quo won't change if we don't press the issue much.

In other words there is nothing to gain by totally debunking Pakistan's claims. Nothing at all.  India won't draw closer to us, Pakistan will however fall deeper into China's camp if do.

Only thing left is for the Wing Commander to make a shit ton of money touring Western Air Forces telling his story and to wait for an official after action.

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