Monday, April 08, 2019

143rd Infantry (Airborne) on Forcible Entry Exercise....

143rd Infantry (Airborne) Forced Entry

U.S. Soldiers of Bravo Company assigned to the 143rd Infantry (Airborne) returns fire with the Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) during The Joint Forcible Entry Exercise at Kelly Drop Zone, San Antonio, Texas on Mar. 23, 2019. The Joint Forcible Entry Exercise is an annual large scale Airborne drop and mobility mission that simulates a contested battlefield scenario as a way of training units for dangerous situations that occur while deployed. (US Army Reserve Photo by Spc. Jeffery Harris)

I'm assuming the author meant 173rd cause I've never heard of the 143rd but I definitely don't know so I could be wrong as two left feet.

NOTE!  I was wrong!  Check out Stacey's comment below.  The 143rd Airborne is a real thing!

One question.

Everyone examines the USMC/USN portion of forcible entry with a fine tooth comb.  Everyone has an opinion.

What don't we hear?

Airborne/Air Assault Forcible Entry viability!  Have you ever seen the USAF and US Army ever assembled all the portions of an Airborne Forcible Entry Force and do a credible exercise?

I haven't (yeah, there was an exercise earlier this year or late last year but they've classified the results).

My point?

The United States Of America has only one VIABLE and REALISTIC option when it comes to forcible entry.  That option comes from the sea and is led by the Navy/Marine Team.

Full stop it ain't debatable.

Oh and before the cheerleaders start piling in here, Afghanistan doesn't count. Special Forces jumping in and leading insurgents against the hostile nation does not fall into this category.  Neither does Desert Storm or Iraqi Freedom.

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