Monday, April 01, 2019

A painful truth. The influx of immigrants at the border has the scent of an invasion...and I know how that sounds...


Never in my life thought I would parrot the line of some of the most despicable humans on earth.  The vile racists that have shouted about immigration and how its destroying the fabric of America.

But here I am.

Watching the news this morning I heard that more than 100K immigrants crossed into the United States in March.

That's madness.

It's to the point where we are seeing whole populations of other countries entering our own.  It has the scent of invasion and I know how that sounds.

The ramifications of this movement are shocking and doesn't take much imagination.  We're seeing too many people moving here too quickly.  We're not giving them a chance to assimilate so that means that our common values...what is considered standard behavior will morph over night.  Considering the stress that America is under right now, I don't know if we can survive that type of shock.  Add to it the worries of crime, economic displacement of citizens etc...and this is a real threat to civil society.

Unless this is checked this could lead to civil unrest.

I fucking despise Nazis.  I hate the KKK with all my heart.  I think they should be taken to the deepest part of the swamp, tied to a tree, poured honey over and left to be devoured by the beast that lurk there.

But this time they might be right.

That is agonizing.

Keep the comments civil.  Keep this shit between the lines.  But someone tell me I'm wrong to be alarmed.

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