Tuesday, April 02, 2019

A story about the INF treaty and how Russia @ China forced our hand revealed something else entirely...

The Red Dragon has risen!
This story from the National Interest was SUPPOSED to focus on how China and Russia forced our hand on the INF treaty.  Instead it revealed some shocking (to some) news.  Check this out...
Just as China has transformed its economy in a short period of time, the same has happened with its military. The Chinese navy has become the world’s largest, and there is no realistic chance that the United States will catch up under its present shipbuilding program. Compounding that, the United States has a global naval role and cannot concentrate all its naval forces near China’s coasts. The balance of naval power in the eastern Pacific has moved toward China.
Yeah. They have superiority in the Pacific.  That's not the real news.  Have you heard anyone state that China has the biggest Navy in the world now? 
 Along its coastal shores on the China Seas, including the Taiwan Straits, China is the major maritime power—a point noted by Admiral Philip Davidson, the commander of Indo-Pacific Command, when he described China as a “peer competitor” and one “capable of controlling the South China Sea in all scenarios short of war with the United States.” Considering that U.S. aircraft carriers can no longer operate within the first island chain, this understated assessment underscores that the era of American naval dominance, particularly in East Asia, is ending.
This!  This is why I believe that the war on terror has been an unmitigated failure.

While we dithered chasing terrorists in the desert, the Chinese have surpassed us in the one area we MUST be supreme.  Naval forces.

This has implications that most dare not consider.  But we were warned and instead of acting, allowed greed to trump common sense.

Read the entire article here but the heart jabbing issues are above.  We wasted time and they caught up.  They surpassed us.

The only question is this.

How far are the Chinese away from perfect victory?

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