Thursday, April 18, 2019

Amphibious Combat Vehicle with 40mm Bushmaster Cannon being tested...

via Warrior Maven
Navy and Marine Corps interest in up-gunning its new Amphibious Combat Vehicle with a stronger, longer-range 40mm cannon may have taken a step forward following a live-fire demonstration which blasted off the cannon -- destroying enemy pick-up trucks, aerial drones, groups of fighters and other metal targets.

Integrating the new cannon brings a new level of firepower to the Corps’ emerging new high-tech ACV, which is currently armed with a 30mm Bushmaster Northrop Chain Gun - Cannon. The live-fire demo, taking place at a recent Northrop Grumman Bushmaster User Conference in the Arizona desert, showed the 40mm armed cannon’s ability to explode, burn and shatter larger, more fortified targets at longer ranges -- compared to the ACVs 30mm cannon.

A 40mm diameter brings a larger attack explosion, significantly longer range and -- in a newer cutting edge development -- and ability to target and hit air-flying enemy drones.
Story here.

Not a fan!  Don't get it twisted.  I am a fan of upgunning the ACV, but this seems like a half step.

Why go with a 40mm when the Army has already signaled that they're moving to the 50mm?


Thanks to the Army Dawgs we can improve our lethality without worry about the costs of development! 

Another issue I have is that they seem wedded to that turret.


I love the Israeli offering they've displayed on the Eitan (without a doubt the most formidable non-amphibious 8x8 on the planet) and its got built in APS and anti-tank missiles!

This is good news but I would recommend a different approach.

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