Saturday, April 27, 2019

Blast from the past...Oshkosh Humvee Suspension

Hmm.  We have two dynamics going on that might dictate at least considering updates to the HUMVEE.

The first is that the HUMVEE will remain in service into the foreseeable future. The second is that the number of JLTVs are being cut by the US Army which will rebound to the Marine Corps in a probable uptick in the cost that we buy.

So what do we do?

One possibility that should be considered (in my opinion) is to dust off the plans by Oshkosh to apply the MRTV suspension (the TAK-4) and put it on the Hummer.

The Pentagon is finally tilting toward a peer vs peer conflict.  But we don't get to pick the fights we're involved in (politicians with agendas do) so the idea of having vehicles that can survive in an IED environment is a necessity.

Small Wars will probably revert to being a shared responsibility of the USMC and SOCOM, so we need to be prepared to operate in that environment.

If the cost is right.  If it can be accomplished in a reasonable time frame then this is I think a reasonable course for us to take.

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