Thursday, April 11, 2019

China Military Power – Modernizing a Force to Fight and Win (pdf)...A MUST READ!

Read the PDF for yourself here.

A few passages from a VERY insightful National Interest story...
Officially, the Chinese use maritime law enforcement ships, with the PLAN serving in a protective position, in an attempt not to give the overt impression the SCS seizures are military in design, yet the Chinese have fielded military aircraft, air defense systems and radar on the occupied islets. The same tactic is used with the Senkaku Islands with Chinese Coast Guard and fishing vessels conducting incursions into the contiguous zone around the island, while the PLAN stays within intimidation range.

The PLAN has chosen to base the Marine Corps not across from Taiwan in the Eastern Theater Command, but instead in the Southern Theater Command and Northern Theater Command to deal with island disputes in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. They are “tasked with seizing and consolidating beachheads.” The seven brigades consist of 28,000-35,000 Marines evenly divided among the brigades. The PLANMC does not yet have an organic air assault element and still must rely on the PLAN and PLAA for helicopter transport and close air support. Combat vehicles are the ZBD-05 Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle and the ZLT-05 Amphibious Assault Vehicles.


 In 2017 the PLAAF did lose operational control over the 15th Airborne Corps when it was renamed the PLA Airborne Corps. Though the report does not refer to Taiwan, many inside the military in Taiwan expect this force to be used early in a campaign to take the island’s critical targets. According to the report, the new Airborne Corps consists of six brigades, a special operations brigade, aviation brigade, and support brigade. The report quotes PLA doctrinal writings: “cut across ground defense lines and topographical obstacles to unfold attacks directly inside the enemy disposition.” The report further states that these operations are designed to support main-force operational efforts, seize and hold key targets and areas in the enemy’s depth, such as airfields and bridges, block an enemy’s retreat, block reinforcement by enemy reserve forces, and conduct raids on key targets in the enemy’s depth.
Story here. 

I keep yelling for military leadership to get serious about the China threat and apparently certain sections of it are wide awake.  Why they're not more pubic with their concern is anyone's guess (I imagine political...China owns a number of our politicians), but the DIA report spells it out.

China is a threat.

What concerns is that the timetable laid out seems rather leisurely.  They expect to be world dominating by mid century?  I don't think we have that long unless we act now.

I am encouraged by one development though.  Dunford is going to meet with those Quislings at Google and question them on their work to help the Chinese achieve an AI breakthrough while at the same time they're essentially telling our own Govt to pound sand.

I use NUMEROUS Google products but I expect some type of sanction against that organization soon.  Monetary at first and more substantial later.

They're working the issue at last.  That makes me cheer.

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