Friday, April 19, 2019

China sentences military veterans for protesting

via ABC News.
Chinese courts announced multiple-year prison sentences Friday for more than three dozen military veterans who protested over the lack of benefits, saying the former soldiers had disrupted social order in a bid to further their own interests.

The announcements from the courts in the eastern provinces of Shandong and Jiangsu follow repeated demonstrations by veterans of various ages who say they have not been adequately compensated for their service.

Veterans have long been organizing quietly, but in recent years have staged attention-getting protests outside government offices and the defense ministries headquarters in Beijing that prompted the government to establish a Ministry of Veterans Affairs last year.

The 47 sentenced to up to six years had been involved in protests last year that involved hundreds of former soldiers.
Story here.

I'd usually throw stones at the Chinese over this kind of story but I know American history.

How many of you know about the "Bonus Army"?  How many of you know about the role that some of the greats like Patton and MacArthur played in that "action"?

China is walking ground that we've already covered.  So this ONCE, while I think the sentences are EXTREMELY unfair, I choose not to throw stones cause we (historically) live in a glass house.

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