Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Chinese SWAT trains hard....we need to get better, faster...and work harder...

First.  I am under no delusions.  They post vids like this of their very best. Mistakes are edited out and these images are put out for propaganda purposes.

Second.  Don't be fooled.  You think I hate the Chinese?  You're wrong.  They have several admirable qualities.  They are worthy foes.  I respect them so much that I believe it will take our best effort to defeat them.

That's why I'm shouting to the rooftops that we need to get better, faster and work harder than we currently are.  To win this "cold war" and to keep it from turning hot we will need to be as focused as they are.  As determined as they are.

My worry is that we've grown complacent.  We've become decadent.  That we're no longer willing to do the hard thing.

To beat the Chinese will take a "whole of govt" approach.  A rebirth of the focus that was seen during WW2 when Americans were for the most part all in on the war effort.

Can we do that today?

I have doubts but we have to try.

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