Saturday, April 06, 2019

DTR Magazine is all in on the Stern Landing Vessel...I think it's a viable option....

DTR Magazine is all in on this ship and I think it's a viable option.  I'm still trying to flesh out Marine Corps thinking with regard to the "L-Class" Carrier.

Is it still going to be part of the MEU or is it going to go off on its own to fulfill the sea control mission?  If it remains are we gonna see future America Class Ships revert to a "no well deck" profile like the first two?

All that matters.

We're losing surface lift even with the San Antonio Class and the LX-R.  We WILL have fewer LCUs and LCACs to get heavy gear ashore.

We need viable solutions.

The Stern Landing Vessel could be one of those solutions.  That fold up Landing Craft that could be stowed on deck is another option.  A purpose built LCAC/LCU carrier could also be options.

The reality?

We need to start working the surface connector problem NOW!

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