Friday, April 26, 2019

FNSS Reveals PARS III 8x8 Engineering Vehicle

via Press Release.
FNSS demonstrates the modularity and adaptability of the PARS III 8x8 to different missions with the armoured engineer vehicle, developed for the Royal Army of Oman. The ongoing qualification tests for the PARS III 8x8 Engineering Vehicle are expected to be completed within the first half of this year, after which the vehicle will be delivered.

Developed by FNSS as its first 8x8 engineering vehicle clears surface laid mines and threats found within the path of the full width of the vehicle, from roads, tracks and rough terrain to produce a cleared route for the infantry and follow-on vehicles. The PARS III 8x8 Engineering Vehicle can effectively fulfil a wide range of missions owing to its ability to have equipment and hardware rapidly mounted and dismounted from its chassis. With different equipment and hardware equipped, the vehicle can execute the following types of missions, aimed at enhancing the mobility and operational capabilities of friendly forces and units:

*Removal of obstacles/barriers, clearing paths, maintenance of roads used in combat;

*Clearing paths through minefields to ensure the continued movement of friendly units;

*Construction of communication and defence posts, taking measures against surveillance (concealment), construction of mock-up facilities, and enemy deception to increase the survivability of units;

The contract signed by FNSS to meet the needs of the Royal Army of Oman covers the design, development, production and delivery of a total of 172 vehicles in 13 different configurations, as well as the integrated logistics support (ILS) services to be provided throughout the guarantee period. While 145 of these vehicles will be PARS III 8x8 vehicles delivered in eight different configurations, the remaining 27 will be the PARS III 6x6 vehicles delivered in five different configurations. The total number of PARS III 8x8 Engineering Vehicles will be six.

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