Sunday, April 14, 2019

Germany sees 8.86 billion euro cost to operate Tornado jets to 2030

via Reuters.
The German Defence Ministry estimates it will cost nearly 9 billion euros to keep its aging fleet of 93 Tornado fighter jets flying until 2030, according to a classified document provided to German lawmakers this week.

The steep cost forecast includes 5.64 billion euros to maintain the warplanes, which first entered service in 1983, 1.62 billion euros to design replacements for obsolete parts, and 1.58 billion euros to procure them, according to the document, which was viewed by Reuters.

Parliamentary sources said the estimate was even higher than expected at around 100 million euros per plane, and it would be cheaper to purchase new aircraft.

However Germany's sluggish defense procurement process, and the complicated process of certifying new aircraft to carry nuclear weapons, meant any new warplanes were unlikely to enter service until 2025 or even later.

Of Germany's 93 Tornado jets, 85 are operated by the Luftwaffe, or air force, but not all are equipped to carry nuclear weapons. The remaining planes are used for training. 
Story here. 

Just wow.  Just plain wow.

German procurement makes everyone in NATO smile.  They're more jacked up than anyone else and whenever someone is feeling down they can always point to the Germans and say but "at least we're not that bad!"

Seriously though.

The Typhoon isn't certified for nukes?  If not why not?  This seems like a relatively simple problem to solve.  Certify the Typhoon and buy more.  Bite the bullet and buy French or German...OR accelerate development of the next gen plane.

I'm betting that's what they're thinking......accelerate the next gen plane and milk these birds till they're just gristle...

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