Monday, April 15, 2019

Indonesia ordered first batch of FNSS Kaplan Medium Tanks

via Army Recognition.
On April 12, 2019, Indonesian Defense Minister Ramisard Ryakuda signed a large package of contracts with enterprises of the Indonesian defense industry in Bandung, the most significant of which was the order for the Indonesian shipbuilding association PT PAL to build three more diesel-electric submarines in cooperation with South Korean corporation Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME). Another significant contract was the order for the Indonesian state defense industry association PT Pindad to build the first batch of the Harimau ("Tiger") serial Turkish-Indonesian production for the Indonesian army.

The cost of the contract for the Harimau tanks was $ 135 million. The number of vehicles ordered was not officially disclosed, but, according to the head of the defense division PT Pindad Vijayanto, is 18-20 tanks (the final number must also be determined depending on the cost of equipment). PT Pindad of the Indonesian Army should be supplied within three years.
Story here. 

I'm very interested in both the vehicle and the price point.  Additionally I look forward to watching how Indonesia decides to employ it.

This definitely bears watching.

I wonder though.  At what price will it come in at?  Will it truly be more economical than a full on MBT?  If they don't crush it on price then it would seem (from my chair) that a refurbished Leopard, Abrams or LeClerc, not to mention the various Russian or Chinese options might be more attractive.

Of course that assumes that this isn't a "jobs" and "technology" ploy by PT Pindad to gain from the transfer of knowledge and the govt seeking to employ its own citizens in building its home defense industry.

Defense procurement is a tough line to walk!

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