Monday, April 01, 2019

Justice in America is weird...

When laws no longer make sense, people will no longer follow the law.

When laws are no longer just then people will no longer follow the law.

I think we're in a place where all the above applies.  I've had a couple of "oh shit, you've got to be fucking with me moments" but the last month has been a doozy.

First we find out that the Trump collusion case was based on nothing.  Nothing at all but we heard that drumbeat for over 2 years.  Now that he's been found not guilty of that crime, they're trying to pivot to other charges.

The next was the Jessie Smollett incident.  We didn't cover that one on these pages because it was just plain weird.  Dude barely had a scratch on him but supposedly he was attacked by far right MAGA supporters?  That thing didn't make sense from the jump.  It took a turn when the Chicago Police stated that the whole thing was staged.  It took a turn for the worse when he wasn't convicted of anything...all charges dropped.  

Now we have this.

Swatting is idiotic.  Full stop.  It's also a crime.  Full stop.  But the cops shoot an unarmed man and the idiot that decided to SWAT someone gets 20 years in jail?  

How can you follow the rules when the rules don't apply equally?  How can the cops shoot an innocent man and not pay for that mistake?

I support the police but this is unfair, unjust and smacks of different tiers of justice depending on where you stand in the social order.

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