Monday, April 08, 2019

Leonardo IM-SHORAD (Air Defense) appears in the Marine Aviation Plan...

Found the above pic on page 148 of the Marine Aviation Plan.  Apparently the Leonardo (MOOG) IM-SHORAD solution that the Army selected for the Stryker is going to be incorporated on the JLTV to provide ground based air defense for the Ground Combat Element.

If that doesn't float your boat then maybe this will.  On the same page they show an image of what I BELIEVE is an Iron Dome missile system.

Its listed as an anti-cruise missile system.

We might not agree with the moves but HQMC is working the problem.  I still think that a Land Ceptor mounted on the back of an FMTV (just as we do the MLRS) would be a better solution to the ground based anti-air problem but that part is at least listed as interim (but we all know how interim turns into an enduring solution) so there is still hope on that front.

Overall I'm not thrilled but I'm encouraged.

Read the Aviation Plan here.

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