Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday Late Day Funny...Marine General Micromanager V.S. Angry Drill SGT

Thanks to Cynical for sending me the link!

This shit is TOO FUNNY!

Well done Angry Drill Sgt!

I've been chewing on this a bit and you know what's coming don't you?  As soon as the new Commandant takes office you can bet that this "schedule" will go Marine Corps wide.

I would bet body parts that this has been discussed at a Commanding General Symposium and that at the Sgt Major symposium too.

2nd MarDiv is just the test bed so they can judge reaction and have a plan laid out to deal with dissension in the ranks.

Long story short?

Expect the fuck fuck games to continue.  Dicks will be hammered into pulp.  Anger and misery will go mainstream in the Marine Corps.

I am actually feeling sorry for our next opponent.  The Marine Corps is going old skool.

They're pissing off every swinging dick and ovary in the Corps to such an extent that when it comes time to unleash hell and fury on the enemy they won't stand a chance.

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