Sunday, April 28, 2019

Muslim Dr. Mengeles: NHS doctor and UK pharmacist were Nazi-style torturers for Islamic State

NOTE!  This "Geller Report" is new to me.  I do know that the woman running it is quite controversial, but if this info is correct then it's too important to pass up.  If this info is correct then one question needs to be asked.  Why isn't this more widely reported.  

Keep the comments in the proper lane or they will be deleted.  Also note that the original info came from the British paper, The Daily Mail.

A picture of NHS doctor Issam Abuanza who deserted his wife and two children in Sheffield to join Islamic State in Syria

Two British health workers who sneaked into Islamic State territory carried out ‘Nazi-style’ medical experiments on prisoners, Syrian witnesses claim.

Issam Abuanza, 40, a former NHS doctor who left behind his wife and two children in Sheffield when he travelled to Syria in 2014, was appointed the terror group’s ‘health minister’, the British Government believes.

Abuanza, now thought to be hiding in caves near the village of Baghouz, carried out such brutal torture on his victims that even IS fighters opposed it.
He appointed Mohammad Anwar Miah, also 40, a former pharmacist from Birmingham, who helped him remove organs from detained prisoners, the Syrian witnesses claim.

The body parts were either transplanted into injured jihadis, passed on to middle men who sold them on the black market to fund terror, or put in the cells of prisoners to frighten them, it is alleged.

A ten-man medical team headed by Abuanza also allegedly carried out chemical tests on prisoners, it is claimed.

The exact nature of the chemicals are unknown.
Story here. 

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