Saturday, April 13, 2019

Political News. Michael Avenatti, the 2nd biggest fall from grace I've ever seen...

Yeah.  I'm hitting politics this morning.  Sorry bout that.

But tell me this.  This Michael Avenatti drama is a made for TV tragedy/shit sandwich supreme.  I've lived long enough to see a few things but this has to rank as the 2nd biggest fall from grace I've ever seen.  The biggest?  It's below....

The Swaggart affair marked a turning point in the revival of religion in America (I think) but this is a totally different arena.

Avenatti was on the verge of making a run at the presidency.  He was a media darling.  He was the shit!


No one will go near the guy.  He's facing 36 (or more) charges from the Feds and state prosecutors from California to Illinois are all after him with the long knives.

If he wasn't such an obviously arrogant ass I might almost feel sorry for the guy.

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