Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Royal Norwegian Army leading NATO Enhanced Forward Presence BattleGroup in Lithuania...

In Lithuania, the company commander leads his men from this Fennek. He has soldiers from Spain and Slovenia under his command there. While he receives information via the radio, he drives quickly from one place to another in order to be as well informed as possible about the constantly changing situations. #eFP

Weird rig to use as your command vehicle but if it works, it works.  I guess the speed and high mobility are a plus but I'm not seeing all the antenas I'd expect to see from a vehicle being used by the BattleGroup Commander.

Additionally he must be a one man band kind of operator.  Limited comms, small crew and zooming from place to place to get eyes on?

Seems kinda risky in a real shooting war but if it works, it works.  I just had no idea you could exercise that much control over a widely dispersed, multinational formation the way they're apparently doing it.

I'm beyond impressed....I'm kinda in awe.  Didn't think it could be done this way.

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