Thursday, April 11, 2019

Taliban claim to have shot down a B-52. Why haven't the Pentagon denied the report?

via AMN
“Mujaheddin (a militia fighter) of the Islamic Emirate targeted a US B-52 bomber with heavy weapons today early morning in Lar area in the Washir district of Helmand Province,” a spokesman for the Taliban was quoted as saying.

The B-52 is said to have crashed after the strike, killing all of its crew. Both Afghan and US authorities are yet to comment on the matter.

On 8 April, three US service members were killed in a car bomb attack on a convoy near the Bagram Air Force Base in north-eastern Afghanistan. The terror group claimed responsibility for the bombing.
Story here. 

This story hit my news feed and I considered it pure lunacy.  People sent me messages about it.  A few comments appeared on the blog about it.

I still considered it batshit insane.


The Pentagon hasn't denied this story.

That gives me pause.

Why the delay?  Counting tail numbers can't be that hard.  CENTCOM surely has a handle on this so why not come out and state it straight away that they didn't do the deed?


What if they did?

The Pentagon needs to get its info operation spooled up and kicked in the ass.  As things now stand the only thing I can figure is that they're notifying loved ones....and that just can't be ... can it?

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